New place again

Day 4, new job, new place to live. I love my little room, my huge bed, I just love to come home and relax. It is good. Another thing at work… One word can describe it.. Weird. I feel weird.. The hotel is big, my responsibilities are many, and the guests are all paying big money, so the service must be excellent.. I’m still afraid of everything, I’m not confident. It is like I have lost the ground under my feet. At my previous work I already new everything and was pretty confident about what I was doing, now I have to learn everything all over again..

Chilling.. ..and let the whole world wait..

Chilling.. ..and let the whole world wait..

Was it a dream? No that was the best reality I’ve ever experienced.. Epic moment.. Thanks be to the Lord!!

Was it a dream? No that was the best reality I’ve ever experienced.. Epic moment.. Thanks be to the Lord!!

Good morning..

Good morning..

Learning the way of freedom… continued

Religiousness vs Love

first thing that come to mind is how people like to think good of themselves and judge others thinking how bad others are, despising them and trying to enforce certain rules or certain point of view. Nobody likes when an opinion is being enforced on them. 

So, my question is how can I share my believe in Jesus, my faith and all that I believe in, how can I evangelize if it looks as if I am just trying to enforce what I think is right and true. Somebody else may think differently, and for him it will also be the truth and the right thing. Is it possible to have several different things as all truths at the same time?.. 

Anyway, what I am trying to learn here is to become free of judgments about other people. Knowing what is right and what is wrong can make you judgmental very easily. The objective is to take a person the way he is, with all his way of thinking and behaving, loving what is there, not thinking bad of someone who did the thing you consider to be wrong, and not changing your attitude towards that person. Our God is like that. He knows the worst thing about us and still He loves us the same, not a single thing on this earth can make God’s love for us more or less. God is free to love a person with such an amazing, crazy and unconditional love. 

I am learning this kind of freedom.. it takes courage, patience, wisdom and time to get there. To be so free that you don’t care what the person has done or what he is doing now, what is his belief, is he doing what you think is right or is he, according to ‘your belief’, is a ‘hopeless sinner’ or whatever .. and to be free to have a good attitude to this person and love him the way God loves. 

Jesus when on earth did not mind to spend time with those who religious people considered to be ‘sinners’. Jesus did not have this despising attitude as the Pharisees did, at the same it does not mean that He approved wrong behaviors, He just treated people with love, no matter if it was a prostitute, a tax collector or a sick person. Definitely unconditional love did some magic there =)  

Learning the way of freedom..

Freedom - it is granted to us by God, but by most of us it is not used properly, we tend to spoil the whole concept of being free. I’m not going to tell you the right meaning or the right way of using freedom. I would like to share my own perception and the way I am learning to be free, and how I feel like God is leading me in this process.

Ocean..   image

I love the ocean, I think it is full of freedom. It is such an amazing feeling to run along the seaside or just sit still facing the deep waters.. not sure how can I describe it.. but every time I come to the seaside, I feel a bit more freedom inside, freedom to be who I am, and who I am supposed to be in the eyes of God.. when facing the ocean, peace fills up my heart, I may still feel sadness, but the joy is there as well, and it is stronger than anything else, because I know that God makes all things work together for my good, I just need to relax and enjoy 

to be continued… 

No title..


Try pretending like you do not want it, however deep inside the desire is still there. Fighting it would not help. Surrendering to it would result in pain. I know how things supposed to be, how God wants it to be. Seems like before there were more chances because the environment and people were suited more. Now, the environment is totally different, and from the human point of view, there is not a single chance to have what you want and have it the right way. 

Today I am so in God’s hands like I was never before. I am at the point of surrendering the desires of my heart to the Lord. This is the only thing that is right to do. It is not easy, since what you want God may decide not to give you, and you should be ok with that, and even more so be grateful for that. Everything God does is for our benefit. 

But why there sadness inside? Maybe it will pass soon.. Maybe it is just another test that I have to go through. God is teaching me something. He wants me to rely completely on Him and to be satisfied only in Him. There is just me and the Lord Jesus Christ. I reckon It is a dangerous road, as one tiny little step in the wrong direction might result in sin and turning away from God. Therefore, every single day the focus should be on Jesus, His love, His sacrifice, His grace, and His holiness. 

The Lord is enough, know it, believe it, comprehend it, feel it. 

P.S. Even as I was writing this post, God was working in my heart, changing the way I feel: from sadness to peace and hope.

Give Me Faith
Elevation Worship
Kingdom Come

I am like a green olive tree in the house of God.


Recently I read this verse in the Bible: 

But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God. I trust in the steadfast love of God forever and ever. Psalm 52:8

I though what is it so special about an olive tree that David compares himself to it? 

I googled it =) I made some research on olive trees and was quite amazed. 

"They are beautiful to look at with their unique gnarled and twisted trunks and evergreen tops Just looking at them you have a sense that they have a grace and character that sets them apart from  other trees" 

    In the Psalm 52:8 the olive tree symbolizes faithfulness and steadfastness. Olive trees grow in almost any condition: hot, dry, cold, wet, rocky, or sandy. No matter what the evergreen olive tree will live and produce fruit. They can thrive in great heat with minimum of water, and are virtually  indestructible. Some grow from root systems 2000 years old, yet the olive producer has to wait for 15 years for his first good harvest. It is said that you can never kill an olive tree. Even when cut down or burned, new shoots will emerge from its roots.

But I am like an olive tree in the house of the God..” Now I read these words understanding what David meant when he said that. From now on I wish to be like an olive tree: strong, faithful and being able to grow and produce fruit in any condition and circumstances that God puts me in.


You can read more about olive trees here:

"I will deliver you"

call on Me in the day of trouble;
I will deliver you, and you will honor Me" Psalm 50:15

God’s word is true, trust Him in any situation, especially in those that make your mind blow and not understand all the ”whys’. God will deliver you in His time, we need to keep trusting, and trusting..